About Us

NTC was founded by two friends on a mission to provide quality technical support, infrastructure, equipment, training and project management to fuel the growth and development of the organisations and communities we work with.

We believe that fast and reliable internet access is essential to the running of modern homes and businesses and are passionate about improving infrastructure in order to deliver superfast broadband access across the Furness area.


Our aim is to help local businesses to grow not only their enterprise, by providing quality equipment and IT infrastructure, but to improve the skills of their workforce in order to use technologies efficiently and effectively to future proof their investment.


We offer a range of IT services specifically optimised for small to medium sized businesses and tailored to the needs of your enterprise or event so that you get exactly what your business needs.

From networks and connectivity to staff training and tech tutorials, we can provide you with the tech, the training and the support you need to promote the successful running of  your enterprise. 

Meet The Directors

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Arron Wakefield

Arron is an experienced Build Engineer and Technology Consultant, having supported several large defence and finance organisations in the rollout of upgrade projects.


Experienced in internet service provision Arron and the NTC team specialise in the delivery of superfast broadband using over the air technologies, and is presently overseeing a large network upgrade project for the Furness area.

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Matthew King, Director
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Matthew King

Matthew is an experienced Tools and Automation Engineer specialising in the upgrade and automation of technologies to improve end user experience and organisational efficiency.

Also experienced in the provision of internet services, Matthew and the NTC team specialise in the delivery of superfast broadband connections using over the air technologies.

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Timmy is in charge of  announcing, greeting and entertaining visitors to the NTC offices and is also responsible for postal inspection and keeping up office morale