Askam and Ireleth Project

WISP is coming to Ireleth and Askam but we need YOUR help! 

We need a minimum interest level before we can sensibly rollout our network in your area! 

We are in talks with local businesses and residents already but registering your interest here is the best way to let us know you would be interested in taking up service with us! 



Our main internet service can offer speeds never before offered by any other provider in the area. Speeds of up to 200mbps in ideal circumstances so still, on average, around 10 times better than current offerings in the area. 

We use wireless technologies to connect your house to our network so no need for ugly road works! 

We are now looking for people to be our initial customers in the area to gain a minimum interest level before we start rollout out the network. Once interest is generated we can do things like place orders with contracts to install our backbone for our network so please, the sooner the better! 

Please fill out the below form to register your interest


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