Wireless Enterprise

Leased lines, networking equipment and management costs for business can run into the thousands, but our WISP and line share solutions could save you a packet.

We offer bespoke enterprise packages that allow you to choose the bandwidth, equipment and network structure to suit your business, whatever its size. All our packages are future proof, so when you grow, so does your provision.

NTC can source and supply all of the equipment you require and install it for a competitive upfront cost.

Ideal for small to medium enterprise, easy to manage monthly payments make maintaining your service a piece of cake and we can also offer tailored IT and network support management packages to make managing your business tech a breeze.

How does it work?

Based in the heart of Barrow in Furness, our internet transmission is completely wireless connecting via a small receiver we fix to the roof of your property, and communicating with one of our high tech routers, positioned wherever you want within your premises. No phone lines, no fuss!


All our WISP packages are completely unlimited when it comes to data. Help yourself and eat all you want!


We don't tie our customers into restrictive long term contracts. Our WISP packages include pay as you go and competitive short term contracts.

Already tied into a contract? Don't worry! We can help you with any termination fees by absorbing them into a new, short term WISP contract.


NTC will provide and install all of the equipment you require to receive our service for a one off connection fee, or free as part of one of our competitive short term contracts.

Our WISP service can be installed in just a couple of hours meaning that you could be up and running within a week of ordering.

Choose your WISP Plan

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Christmas Market at Night

Wireless Network

What do your guests want? Wifi!


Bespoke and branded networks for hotels, caravan parks and large events are an essential service, guests expect it, and they expect it to be fast.

Our bespoke network designs are tailored to the needs of your venue, be it small or large, and allow you to manage the whole of your guest experience from branded landing pages, download and upload speeds, data allowances to time restrictions, and set free or paid for access rules.

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