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Ultrafast broadband is defined as that which delivers 300 megabits per second or more. Fast and reliable broadband is essential

  • To support an increasing number of devices in the home

  • To stream online video services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Disney+

  • To support online gaming, voice and video calling

  • For home and remote working

  • For critical business functions such as sales, marketing, procurement, communications etc.

Using powerful wireless technologies, NTC have launched a large project to upgrade network infrastructure to several districts in the Furness area which qualify for the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, in order to install gigabit capable broadband connections into local homes and businesses.

Our wireless broadband technologies come with several advantages

  • Wireless Internet Service Provision (WISP) uses technologies that are faster and more reliable than standard copper cable delivery.

  • Wireless technologies can be deployed quickly and cleanly, with no need for expensive, unsightly and time consuming ground works.

  • Our wireless service utilises small and discreet radio transmitters ensuring minimal impact on the aesthetic of your property and local area as it does not require large antenne or overhead cabling.



The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme is a Government initiative with the strategic objective of increasing gigabit-capable coverage across the UK and NTC are a registered provider.

What is a gigabit connection?

For the fastest and most reliable broadband, capable of delivering gigabit speeds, a full-fibre connection is required. One gigabit is the same as 1,000 megabits, so it’s a big leap forward in connection speeds that could benefit you into the future. Gigabit-capable broadband also supports symmetrical connections, meaning your upload and download speeds can be the same.


Eligible homes and businesses may access funding towards the cost of installing gigabit-capable broadband when part of a group scheme.

Premises with broadband speeds of less than 100Mbps can use vouchers worth £1,500 per home and up to £3,500 for each small to medium-sized business (SME) to support the cost of installing new fast and reliable connections.

Furness Group Schemes

NTC plan on creating group schemes to install Ultrafast Broadband in several Furness districts, starting with North Scale and soon to include Vickerstown, West Shore, Ireleth and Roose. 

Don't see your area here? Contact us to discuss a setting up a scheme in your area

North Scale

The first target area of our Ultrafast project is North Scale, where we plan to deploy modern and powerful wireless technologies to build a mesh network, designed to deliver fiber speeds to local residents in an environmentally friendly way.

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