Internet Services


Wireless Internet Service Provision

Wireless Internet Service Provision, or WISP is a brand new wireless internet service available to most of the LA13 and LA14 postcode areas

Our WISP technologies are a powerful and reliable method of delivering both Superfast and Ultrafast broadband quickly and efficiently to your home.

Faster internet connections are essential

  • To support an increasing number of devices in the home

  • To stream online video services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Disney+

  • To support online gaming, voice and video calling

  • For home and remote working

  • For homeschooling

Our wireless broadband technologies come with several advantages

  • WISP uses technologies that are faster and more reliable than standard copper cable delivery.

  • Wireless technologies can be deployed quickly and cleanly, with no need for expensive, unsightly and time consuming ground works.

  • Our wireless service utilises small and discreet radio transmitters ensuring minimal impact on the aesthetic of your property and local area as it does not require large antenne or overhead cabling.

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